How to start running, and keep going


Ok first, if you thought i’m going to tell you about a fitness regime I’m sorry the title misled you but this is a motivational blog you landed on and I’m sure you won’t regret your next 2.50 minutes. Ding! 🙂

So here we go..

1. Start with a pen & paper/ computer & printer would do too!

Pen it down what you want to achieve (or print it). Think hard and get all the bullet points straight. Now when you are done, crush the paper and throw it in the trash. You don’t need a white sheet of A4 size paper telling you what you want to achieve. You KNOW what you want! Now get up and start planning your schedule how you’re going to get that job, or get that summer bod, or get an A+ next week.

But read this full first.

2. Start slowly

You planned covering half the syllabus today, half tomorrow and revision for next 5 days. Whole universe, even The Empire knows you’re gonna be sitting on that Death Star till last day of the exam. No. Plan one topic for today, three for tomorrow and a chapter after that. You cannot starve yourself right away to get slim. You divide your meals from two to four or six. That’s how it works buddy!

3. Reward yourself. No cheating.

Set targets. If you complete that project before your deadline, say before 2 days, have a party on that weekday, get drunk guilt free. You deserve it. If you lose 10 pounds a week when you planned on losing 7, treat yourself with a rest day, or have a! But no cheating. It won’t add up to your success.

4. Stay put.
Ok you’ll feel a li’l distracted and demotivated after a while. That’s a test you have to pass my dear. And that’s where things get really REAL!! 

You completed half the syllabus and now you feel confident you’ll complete the rest in a fortnight. But we both know that never happens and you end up leaving not topics but chapters at the end. That’s where a healthy break comes along. And with it comes the package of not continuing your study. You feel lazy and start enjoying the breaks. Stop. You’re doing it wrong. Which brings us to the main and last point, that is..

5. Have Quality Breaks.

Ok even breaks are of different types. We can discuss that in our next blog. But keep reading..

It does matter what kind of break you’re taking in the midst of that hard working regime. For instance, while losing weight, keep yourself from going out much. You go out, everyone orders a pizza, you either can’t say no, feeling embarassed or can’t control the craving seeing one. May be go somewhere they serve salads and yogurt! Or keep your outing once in a month!

You started writing a book but a few breaks distracted you and now you’re unable to continue. Start again. And this time, instead of partying after every page or chapter, read some books related to the genre you’re on! Trust me it helps.

Now get started. Get going. And don’t stop till you’ve got what you wanted.

Mail me &/or comment here some more ideas which keeps you going.


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