A regular omlette or scrambled eggs?

Many times what we perceive as an error or failure is actually a gift. 

Imagine if Thomas Edison continued his school and opted for a regular career instead of leaving it, educating himself and giving humanity the greatest inventions of all the times, or if Barak Obama continued being a professor? Humanity would have gotten to see an entirely different world then. Wouldn’t it? If only some people didn’t took any risks or made mistakes for their dreams. 

Today, we see mistakes as choosing a different career path, going to a different school we never hoped for, going out with someone we don’t feel compatible with or giving your kids the vegetable/cheese they are allergic to, by mistake. But not all the mistakes are worth regretting for or getting depressed about. Except not having to remember what your kid is allergic to, because then it’s bad parenting. Lol.

At some point of our life it may seem that you crimed yourself, you were the stupidest person on the planet because you did something you should’ve been cautious for. Which is absolutely fine, but getting depressed over it and regretting it to your life? Oh dear…not a good choice there. Not only you’d be wasting your time over a thing which is a past now, you’ll be blinding yourself for the next opportunity in your way to make up for it. May be if you’d chosen a particular career path, your life would’ve been fine but not that awesome as it is now! Or worse, your work pressure would’ve made you resign!  May be that school you wanted to join couldn’t help you explore your talents as the next one you got! Or worse, you could’ve gotten a bad company of friends and might have ended uo behind the bars! Just saying. May be if you’d never given that vegetable/cheese, you would’ve never known your kid was allergic to it on the first place! But you should’ve known. What kind of a parent you are?

There’s always an another way if you mess up at something or miss something in life you thought would’ve been great for you. It’s okay if you mess up. As long as you don’t give up on it. And it’s okay to miss a few things and make something better than that.

Trying to make a perfect round omelette and it gets broken when you flip it? It’s still all eggs and stuff, you can break it into more pieces and call it your scrambled eggs! Unless you’re in Master Chef’s, then you lose. Seriously.

So here’re a few things we learnt today:-

1. It’s okay to mess up but not to give up.

2. If you miss something, make sure you get something better than that.

And at last,

3. Know what your kids are allergic to.

P.S- Scrambled eggs are better than a regular omelettešŸ˜‰


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