Are you Hungry …?


So what do you exactly do when you’re hungry? Just sit there and wait for the food to come to you? Or wait for someone to bring it to you? Because last time i checked, life wasn’t a fancy restaurant where you order something you want and it gets served on your table.

Life’s like a McDonald or a Pizzahut where you put an order, wait for it and go get it by yourself. Like when you apply for a driver’s training, you deposit your amount and wait for your feet, arms and head to synchronize while you’re learning so you can get a driver’s license. You don’t just sit there imagining walking out of your car after parking it like Vin Diesel. I mean it’s not bad to have a vision like that but how good it is to just imagine it and not work for it?  Then you’re just daydreaming and not getting closer to your dream at all!

Imagine if Thomas Edison just daydreamt about electric bulbs! Wouldn’t work right? And he did fail hypothetically  a thousand times (because he could’ve failed a few more attempts) before finding out the right filament which could burn for a long time to be efficient. He didn’t just planned and kept his brains on theory. He moved out of the papers. He worked for what he actually believed. So no matter how much you work on your resume to look good. It’s not good enough till your actions speak for it. It’s like Joey Tribbiani from Friends speaking French fluently but it’s his own French language! 

Having a vision or dream is very good. But it’s not good enough if you don’t grab the opportunity that’ll do nothing but take you closer to your dream becoming a reality. Almost every human imagines 15 sequences or events (you can say), everyday that they would want to happen in near future. But how would it become real by just thinking about it? 

So many people ,on a daily basis, search for ‘How to get perfect abs in 6 days’ or ‘How to get flat belly in a week without exercise’ and to some surprise there do  exist articles and videos about it with over hundreds and thousands of views but here’s a tip – you can get a flat belly in 2 days. You ask how? You just gotta skip all your meals. Now that doesn’t work. And how many people actually do those excercises having a proper diet plan? Just by searching for the stuff you want to achieve or you want to do doesn’t make it happen. You have to work for it. 

You have to be dedicated to your goal. Don’t let you dreams ever yell at you for not making them happen. For now when even virtual seems real with all the technology, who’s stopping you from making yours? 

Feed your hunger to achieve your goal by working for it.


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