Get going..

Sharon. A lovely dance teacher. Wakes up on a bright Thursday morning, as usual, makes up her bed, gets herself good breakfast, gets ready for her dance class and as she’s about to move out of her apartment she realizes she forgot something..
She forgot picking up her spirit with a smile.

It was less than 36 hours when she heard the demise of her best friend. She was heart broken. And she cried even after she felt weak enough to cry. And she cried some more till sleep crawled over her. She didn’t feel like dancing or even moving the next morning so she called the day off. Now all of it came back to her like waves of the ocean on a full moon night.

They were roommates since college. And when she chose her dance teaching career over the routine 9-5 job, she moved out. And it was hurting for both of them. But that was what was to be done. They were in touch for next couple of months ,and that was it. The next thing she heard about her was when she got engaged. Sharon was so happy for her that day. And now she didn’t even know if she ever got married, or broke up. It was three years ago.

Till lunch she was sure she loved her very much and she can never get over grieving about her best friend.  She’ll always feel rivers coming through her eyes whenever she hears her name or see any picture of her or wear that blue dress they fought over or have dinner sitting on the kitchen platform which was their favorite thing.

But for now, it was done. She had bright talented kids as her students with marvellous future ahead and she had no right to waste their one more day because of her own personal tragedy. She picked herself up for her students and their dreams. She gathered up her courage for their ambition. 

It was not untill the next day when she woke up and was just about to walk that door out when she realized she won’t be able to dance like this. Because she had to,she wanted to and she had that courage she discovered new dance moves expressing her pain on her way to the dance class. Not just her students enjoyed and learnt so much that day but she too, learned that nothing can stop you if you really want to..just..get going.


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