Black or White??

“Black suits you”, “I know but i wear it too often, i should get some more colors. What about white?” ,”Yea, white’s cool.Too” 

A normal, routine conversation as it may seem. But how often do we consider choosing white over black? And now you got my point. 

For those who didn’t

Try saying “Wow!, Nice! ,Great!”

A li’l more often, with a li’l smile. Because it doesn’t hurt anyone praising or complimenting. If nothing at all, you are creating your own positive surrounding. Ok you got fired, be nice to the next one , be grateful for that last meal and the gift of sanity that God gave you. Respect it and hunt for a new job! It wasn’t THAT GREAT job anyway (There. I said it). Great!?

Try saying “It’s okay” 

And then mean it. Because you can’t build a time machine to un-break the stuff got broke! Ok your dog ran away, he’ll find his way back home. And if he doesn’t, then he’s never going to. Adopt a homeless kid (he may run away too but ..then you can) ,try gardening (trees never move, unless they are haunted), or learn something new (like cooking, and may be you dog will get back sniffing) but never hold on to what holds you back in life.

Try saying “Hello”

To every opportunity you see. You may not know what great stuff you could’ve learnt and become a Boss in that area unless you say Yes! (you might make a fool of yourself, but at least you’ll learn something…learn to deny the same offer again!)

Try Trying

To be happy, to live your life better than the way you can, to spread that precious smile (and some cake you made when you learnt cooking) ,to share your joy, to stop feeling so less about yourself, to love yourself a little more everyday. Try to take care of yourself and appreciate the life (whatever left) you got.


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