Your ice cream needs to be in the freezer before serving

Remember the last time you laughed so hard you almost cried? I mean choked on those tears. It happens quite often doesn’t it? Whenever you laugh like that. Some say it’s because your heart is so happy at that moment that your brain cannot figure out the heightened emotion and though you’re laughing, your tear glands extricate the dilemma of your brain! But why the opposite never happens? Why don’t we start laughing or even smile while we’re crying?🤔

One reason could be that our brain knows the exact emotion at that time and there comes no confusion in how we should be reacting. That’s how powerful the effect of negativity is my dear reader. It blocks every other vibe, every positive vibe to come near you, leaving you to only feel the misery you are in and get deeper into it.

When you’re happy, your mind, heart and soul are very open and vulnerable. That’s why they say ,Never promise when you’re very happy. And you should also refrain from making any decisions when you’re not very amicable. Because then your mind is blocked to be reasonable. 

That’s the reason we’re suggested to stay away from people who’re always complaining and doleful for everything. Because their negative thoughts could debase our domain of positive vicinity.

That’s how soft or vulnerable our state of being positive is and that’s why it -demands-, it needs to be held so dearly and strongly within us.

P.S- Always be positive


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