The Era of How (not What)

What an amazing time we’re living in. Let’s take a moment to appreciate this life 👏 where we don’t need to strike two stones to lit a fire or use stones to count how many cattles we have. Looks like I’m in love with the stones huh😋

No really, think about it. What would you need to communicate if you’re away with your peer? -Cellphone. What would you need to communicate if you can’t speak? -Paper & pen/sign language. What do you need to commute? We’ve all the answers today. From what’s there on Mars to what a 6 week fetus looks like! We’ve all the answers to What but what about How? 

Wow! 😅

Ok the point is, even if a normal person is asked about whats, he/she can answer to it but only a few know about How; to every question. We know What is universe but not How it is. The way we know what’s happening around us but not How!

We know everytime What’s wrong and what’s bothering us but rarely know how it is affecting our mind. And there my dear reader lies the key to all of it. The moment we acknowledge ourselves to this How, we can win over any disseminating situation. The very popular saying “knowing is winning half the battle”. Here I tell you the other half of it.

Just like a doctor cannot be successful if he only tells his patients What’s wrong but fails to know or tell How to cure it. This way people would know What the problem is but will be in misery as to How to cure it. The same happens with us everytime we face a problem. Because then we know what the problem is but we cannot find the solution as our mind is only focused on the problem and we forget to look out for an answer. Unlikely, we do know solution to our problem but get stuck on How again – How to execute?. Now here’s when people need a little support and motivation which is only effective when they know HOW to work on themselves.

Have faith. Keep going.


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