Your ice cream needs to be in the freezer before serving

Remember the last time you laughed so hard you almost cried? I mean choked on those tears. It happens quite often doesn’t it? Whenever you laugh like that. Some say it’s because your heart is so happy at that moment that your brain cannot figure out the heightened emotion and though you’re laughing, your tear glands extricate the dilemma of your brain! But why the opposite never happens? Why don’t we start laughing or even smile while we’re crying?🤔

One reason could be that our brain knows the exact emotion at that time and there comes no confusion in how we should be reacting. That’s how powerful the effect of negativity is my dear reader. It blocks every other vibe, every positive vibe to come near you, leaving you to only feel the misery you are in and get deeper into it.

When you’re happy, your mind, heart and soul are very open and vulnerable. That’s why they say ,Never promise when you’re very happy. And you should also refrain from making any decisions when you’re not very amicable. Because then your mind is blocked to be reasonable. 

That’s the reason we’re suggested to stay away from people who’re always complaining and doleful for everything. Because their negative thoughts could debase our domain of positive vicinity.

That’s how soft or vulnerable our state of being positive is and that’s why it -demands-, it needs to be held so dearly and strongly within us.

P.S- Always be positive

The Era of How (not What)

What an amazing time we’re living in. Let’s take a moment to appreciate this life 👏 where we don’t need to strike two stones to lit a fire or use stones to count how many cattles we have. Looks like I’m in love with the stones huh😋

No really, think about it. What would you need to communicate if you’re away with your peer? -Cellphone. What would you need to communicate if you can’t speak? -Paper & pen/sign language. What do you need to commute? We’ve all the answers today. From what’s there on Mars to what a 6 week fetus looks like! We’ve all the answers to What but what about How? 

Wow! 😅

Ok the point is, even if a normal person is asked about whats, he/she can answer to it but only a few know about How; to every question. We know What is universe but not How it is. The way we know what’s happening around us but not How!

We know everytime What’s wrong and what’s bothering us but rarely know how it is affecting our mind. And there my dear reader lies the key to all of it. The moment we acknowledge ourselves to this How, we can win over any disseminating situation. The very popular saying “knowing is winning half the battle”. Here I tell you the other half of it.

Just like a doctor cannot be successful if he only tells his patients What’s wrong but fails to know or tell How to cure it. This way people would know What the problem is but will be in misery as to How to cure it. The same happens with us everytime we face a problem. Because then we know what the problem is but we cannot find the solution as our mind is only focused on the problem and we forget to look out for an answer. Unlikely, we do know solution to our problem but get stuck on How again – How to execute?. Now here’s when people need a little support and motivation which is only effective when they know HOW to work on themselves.

Have faith. Keep going.

You don’t need to chase your passion

Really, you don’t need to, if you love what you do and it’s taking where you want to be, there’s nothing to chase but to keep doing what you are!

Generally people tend to persue for what they want to acquire but those who succeed,know they only have to keep working through the process. Now that the word has become a noun instead of adjective, people misinterpret it to be the work when actually it’s your strong emotions that you embrace your work with.

It’s not a hobby or what you love to do, but , as Benjamin Gates from National Treasure says,” its one step short of  crazy“. That’s how it’s different from obsession as you love doing what you do despite any compulsion you put on for yourself.

You definitely not chase passion, but your dreams. Your passion is actually the realisation of your thoughts. The reality. Your passion needs your devotion and dedication. It’s an investment. Not something you do just because you have to do it or feel like you should do it.

Sometimes it looks boring. People passionate about reading books become a nerd or bibliophile if you rephrase it. It may seem boring to others but they’re loving it,enjoying it and living every moment they spend snuggled with their books in a corner. A passionate person can never really explain what their passion means to them as it becomes an undetachable limb for life. They nurture it, and grow with it. 

If you’re passionate for something,you don’t see any hurdles coming your way. It only strengthens the determination. Your passion becomes something you live for. It becomes you. You just don’t need to chase it.

Your Ego is not your Amigo

There’ve been a lot of contradictions between self-pride and ego. Like,all the time. When asked not have an ego, people generally avoid the hassle of explaining themselves by saying it’s their sef-pride. Little do they know there’s a very thin line between self-pride and ego ,yet a big difference!

Ego always try to dominate, and never lets one forgive or froget. Ego always wants or demands to get sufficed. And so it never lets you move ahead.

Once Buddha was asked “I want happiness”, and he replied,” First remove I, it stands for ego which hovers and Want signifies desires. Then all you’re left with is happiness. It’s your self-image, more like a social mask that thrives for other’s approval, demanding control, sustained by power. But it fears losing. So it makes you lose everything to satisfy itself.

It may seem reasonable that ego is mostly extrinsic. When you’re in a particular zone and people around you are over-generous or over-kind and let you take their honor for granted, one feels superior to everyone hence causing emergence of ego

But at the same time if that person visits another place, he may not get treated the same. Why? Glad you asked. Take for example, Tim Cook. He is famous in the Tech world and receives honorable pleasantries often but if placed in a canonical place, no one would even recognize him and he’d be treated as a normal stranger!

Self-pride on the other hand is a good for health.

One should know their value, understand and appreciate oneself for what they are once they’ve acquired their dreams but still never forgetting from where they started which keeps them grounded.

Briefly, self-pride is knowing what you deserve and ego is wanting to have more than you deserve.

Rest in Reason; Move in Passion

Quoting Khalil Gibran, a renowned poet of NY Pen League.

To be passionate about something never really requires a reason. No one can explain why they’re actually,logically attracted to just one sort than another so much they call it a passion. And may be that’s why at times they’re called crazy for halting every other thing on the planet to persue what they’re zealous for. It’s that craziness that leads them to the epitome.

 May be that’s the reason why we’re always told to work only for what we love doing but what we could. Because your passion never lets you rest. Not even makes you feel like you should. Burning the candle at both ends is only possible for those who are fervent to their job.

Animals are ardent to their lives and survival. That’s the only motivation for them to move on in their lives (though they cannot state that😅). If you ask any successful person the ‘one word’ reason of their success, they’ll tell you PASSION. That’s what keeps them working on and that’s how they get self-motivation. Because if you’re working what you love, it can never be work for you.

very successful branding advisor always tells people that he never worked in his entire career,because he loves doing it and so he cannot say he actually works for it!!

P.S- Work for your passion if you don’t want to work! 😎

Why are we so obsessed with celebrities? 🤔

In the veracity of recent Brangelivorce ,it occurred to me✍ why people get so excited/doleful/agitated over anything happening or related to our celebrities !? I mean what’s so exciting if someone breaks up and finds someone else ? People around us behave this way almost all tge time but no one seems to accuse them or celebrate their personal decisions!! 

It’s the easily accessible internet💻 and amount of people on social media ,who can leash out their opinions openly & get favored so much that hypes any news or event anywhere on the planet. Even if it is a hoax!😵 It’s gotten to a level that now there exists a syndrome called Celebrity Worship Syndrome ! Anything more added will be exaggeration to what already is happening which is an exaggerated form of reaction itself (sarcasm intended)

That’s one reason. Let’s check out for a few more that everyone would relate to:

1.The Lifestyle💎

No matter if you’re a guy/girl, any celebrity you have a crush on or whoever inspires you,has an affect on your lifestyle. It includes your attires, food, tattoos and even your choice of partner! Admit it, if you love Dwayne the Rock Johnson , you’d have hit the gym or aspire to have that body!💪


Though no one is unaware of the fact that celebrities are humans too, people worship them literally making idols of them sometimes. Science says we’re fascinated by the course of actions that took those celebrities to the place they are now and how they are reacting to daily situations now that they’re famous. 

For example,if one’s having just a toast in their breakfast, there are chances they’ll include more to it after they get famous(and rich).😜

3.We,the seeker👀

As humans we always strive for something to look forward in life, to move ahead🚶 and achieve something new everyday, into which we could put our time energies. This is where a celebrity enters in our lives. It may be a politician, a famous scientist or a sportsman! They give us something to work for in our lives and set an example for those who may feel like giving up in the middle of the road to success.
4.Learn 🤓

 Also,it may interest you that people often try to confront their faults by taking name of a celebrity. Like, in a Christian family, a guy can defend himself for getting tattooed by saying Eminem did it too!! 😎
5.Gossips🗣 are always interesting

Admit it, whether you’re a guy/girl, you love doing gossips or just listen to it evn if you avoid it, gossips are always fun to hear👂 to. For people who get bored of the daily news , about weather, politics and sports, celebrity gossip is just their cup of latte ☕.

P.S – You can also watch this video about Types of people obsessed with celebrities

Like a girl…

So may be most of you are already aware of this movement started by Always. I’m not here to promote it further but those who haven’t seen it yet,please  watch the video here and take your brother or the guy friend with you, who normally teases you for any action of yours “like a girl”.

In the video, 4 ladies, a young boy and a man are asked to act as how to “run like a girl”, “throw like a girl” & “fight like a girl”. And they all demonstrated it like a weak human far from acting like a girl. Here’s a show: 

And when the same is asked to 6 other teenage girl, well, their responses are actually real and very different from those recored earlier.

The main question raised by the movement is why do girls after puberty feel more of a weaker part of the society. The movement much expected and timely was started at the time of Olympics and now it makes more sense than ever. Not that it wasn’t ever a concern.

 The major issue here is girls themselves start feeling inferior to boys after a certain period of time. Some because of their surrounding influence and some because of morose males around them telling them to be coy and skittish because they’re girls!! And only those kind can be in peace in the society. Rest, the rebels, are accused and sometimes tried to break down by others for not following their stupid laws.

But the liberal and educated people seem no different than those barbarous ones either. Teasing a girl for doing a thing their certain way..well, guys are never laughed of for doing a thing “like a man”. Like oh, you walk “like a man” 😂 or dude your voice is “like a man” haha.

 Men take pride in stating that they did a certain thing like a man then why are girls accused for the doing the same?? I mean no one opted for their genders before birth so what’s the point of laughing at someone for it? 

No one realises that this phrase induces a “self-doubt” in girls which abates their agility to grow, to learn and succeed. Some girls are infected with the thought that arduous tasks are only for guys , some , abrogated by the society for their rebellious nature. And may be because of this outrage only today we have world recognized female elites-Priyanka Chopra, Hillary Clinton, Janet Yellen, Sheryl Sandberg, Beyonce, Coco Chanel, Oprah Winfrey..and many more. The list is long but still numbered. There could have been many more if some of their dreams were not burned by telling them they do it “like a girl”.

For all girls who ever had to listen to this phrase and who still do – 

You are not weak. You are no less than the people whom you want to compete with. You can achieve anything and everything you want to. Just make this phrase your strength that you do it “like a girl”. Be proud of who you are,the way you are. Just like a girl☺